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How To Build Business Credit

Building Business credit is no walk in the park. ‍

There are so many steps to building business credit properly that most people end up quitting early or worse yet, they build their credit incorrectly. What ends up happening is when they need funding they either do not get approved or they do not get what they wanted in terms of the funding amount and interest rate. I thank God every day that he places Kingdom Citizens in my life that operate effectively and are great teachers.

My friend has been helping me establish my business credit from scratch and I wanted to provide you my results as of 2021:

  - 2500 credit limit

 - 17k credit limit

 - 8k credit limit

 - 12,500 credit limit

 - 20k credit limit

Before you go out applying for a bunch of credit cards without a plan it is...

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Tips To Organize Your Emails

email organization Jan 04, 2022

Do you get a hundred emails a day like I do? Does it take you 15 minutes to find an email you got a week ago? Is it overwhelming sometimes to keep up with your emails and have 50k unread emails like I do?

This was a major issue in my business due to the many thousands of people that have my email address. When I started my business I didn't realize what I was getting into until I noticed the tens of thousands of unread emails in my account I knew I had to pay attention to this because it became a money problem.

I was leaving a ton of money on the table in my emails by not responding to people that wanted to join my program and they had a simple question before signing up. I was also missing business invoices and personal bills that I was actually late sometimes due to the mass quantity of emails flooding my inbox.

I am being vulnerable and honest right now as I tell you this.

Yes the Finance Geek was not paying some of his bills on time and paying people late because I was not...

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Do This Before You Join Network Marketing

My goal is to breakdown how I evaluate network marketing companies to increase my odds of success in a business opportunity.


#1 I look at how many years they have been in business. I prefer long standing companies for me it provides a sense of security. So this is a pure opinion standpoint you do not have to follow it. I would say any company that has about 15 years or longer would qualify. Keep reading because there is more that goes into this other than time in business.


#2 I look at the opportunity and the timing based on the current environment I am in. Timing in business is critical. Think of supply and demand when investing in stocks or real estate. If you are a buyer it is nice to buy when there is low demand. If you are a seller it is nice to sell when there is high demand. In network marketing I look at the products and services that are over saturated vs products and services that are underrated in the marketplace.


#3 I look at the compensation plan...

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Pay Attention To Your Cashflow

cashflow Dec 21, 2021

It is very difficult to operate effectively in this world without positive consistent cashflow. I want to share with you that it truly does not matter how much money you make it matter's what you keep at the end of each month. I have a personal testimony and confession. My testimony is in the last 3 years I went from a 35k a year salary to zero and then to multiple 6 figures tapping into my purpose in the Kingdom and delivering that value in the marketplace. I am a few thousand dollars away from generating 1 million in total revenue from my business and investments.

Now with that being said I noticed I was being a little loose with my cashflow and I needed to do a review of my finances to redirect cashflow and remove the waste. In about 30 days or less I took the time to cancel subscriptions, stop paying for certain things I was no longer receiving value and cancelling different services in my business.

I encourage you at least 2-4 times a year to do a healthy review of your...

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Velocity Banking & Crypto Currency

I would like to share with you something I have recently implemented in my personal finances. This is in regards to saving money and preserving my purchasing power as the dollar continues to decline in value. I am starting to shift some of my money away from paper currencies to virtual cryptocurrencies.

I will have a livestream coming out soon to discuss this topic in detail. I believe this will be very valuable for those who are positioned properly.

So let's get started!

First, download on your mobile device in the app store. It is free to join and you can use my REFERRAL CODE HERE: 6r5kxcunfk and you will receive $25 to start in your account.

You can easily use my referral link below to sign up for and we both get $25 USD!


Next, you will go through a verification process to set up your account. Once that is complete you will then connect your bank account to send money to the platform.

Upon initially enrolling, you...

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How To Become An Infinite Banking Practicioner

Hello and God Bless!

Hope all is well with you and yours!

For those who are interested in becoming life insurance agents or those who are existing life insurance agents looking to add IBC to your arsenal. I want to share with you my 3+ year journey now working with IBC Global. To date I have generated over 250k+ in net income. I have learned how to create my own private banking system in my personal household economy to a point where I feel comfortable and confident sharing with others. As you continue to do your research I want to share with you the different options you have the moment you decide to become a life insurance agent and sell high cash value life insurance policies to your client. 


My partner and friend, Steve Parisi, recently released a program, the ILS Training Acadamy. This was created to help agents learn, master, and provide High Cash Value Life Insurance products to their clients.

I have now been an insurance agent for over 3 years and I can...

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What To Do After Funding A High Cash Value Life Insurance Policy?

You might be wondering what the next steps after starting an IBC policy or aka high cash value life insurance policy.

If so, pay attention to this email!

I share other necessary tools you need to have to ensure your legacy, values, ethics, lifestyle, and all of the above gets passed on properly to the next generation.

Did you know that the average lottery winner goes broke within the first 3-5 years declaring bankruptcy? That is insane! I would rather just stay middle class and build my money rather than having a lot in one shot not knowing what to do with it and lose it all. Not only lose it all, but declare bankruptcy! I don't mean the way Mr. Trump leverages bankruptcy -- I'm talking actually bankruptcy (the bad version) where you don't bounce back.

According to Google, 78% of NFL players go broke, bankrupt, or are under financial stress within 2 years of retirement? Likewise, 60% of NBA players are broke within the first 5 years of leaving the sport?

Why am I sharing this...

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My Process On Funding A High Cash Value Policy

I see many of you struggling to wrap your head around cash value life insurance and figuring out how to fund these accounts long term. In this email I wanted to focus on the fundamentals that I personally have in place before I even have a conversation with any insurance agent. These fundamentals help me come to the table prepared when talking to an insurance agent so I can tell him or her exactly what I want. Often times when talking to an agent the conversation is typically around the design of the policy, pros and cons, etc which is very important. At the same time it would be wise for you the client to come prepared and competent when speaking to an agent. Remember most insurance agents are not financial coaches/consultants or advisors so the agents job is to make sure you are insured and fully understand the product you are purchasing. They are not typically going to provide financial coaching to you to make the best decision. I recommend if you have a financial...

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3 Year Infinite Banking Policy Review

It has now been 3 full years of me funding my policies. I thought it would be great to show you the numbers thus far. 

Let's get right into because I know you are busy building those big beautiful Kingdoms.

Policy #1:

Insurance Company: Mass Mutual

  • Funding Amount: $15k per year designed to fund for 31 years total amount $465k with ability to add more funds if I so choose.
  • Base Premium: $1,500
  • MEC Limit: 16,046.01
  • Starting Death Benefit: $809,205.74
  • Current Death Benefit: 879,555.06
  • Policy Design: 90/10 split 90% allocated to cash value 10% to base premium 
  • Starting Cash Value: $19,126 before taking out a loan
  • Current Cash Value 2021: $19,538.29 with loans outstanding 
  • Loans Outstanding: $13,500
  • Loan Interest Rate: 5% Variable

Policy #2:

Insurance Company: Guardian

  • Funding Amount: $70k per year designed to fund for 7 years total $490k with ability to add more funds if I so choose. 
  • Base Premium: $7k
  • MEC Limit: 81k
  • Death Benefit: $4M
  • Policy Design:...
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What is Velocity Banking? And How Do I Start?

You may know me from my YouTube Channel Denzel Napoleon Rodriguez, and I'm The Finance Geek. I'm here to introduce you to the method called Velocity Banking!

In the past you may have heard about Velocity Banking in the same sentence as "it's complicated" and even "is it a scam?" This is NOT true, and for many people, Velocity Banking is the first step in a long line of lifestyle changes, but what exactly is Velocity Banking and how does it work?

Velocity Banking is defined as the use of financial and banking products that manage and increase cash flow, to quickly create financial security by eliminating, reducing, or minimizing interest. Velocity banking is a more efficient way to use your current income.

The first thing I tell anyone who is thinking about starting Velocity Banking is to know your 4 Major Numbers: These numbers are Income, Expenses, Debt, and Cash Flow.

Knowing your Income and Expenses is pretty straightforward, what do you get paid and how much are your bills....

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