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How To Become An Infinite Banking Practicioner

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For those who are interested in becoming life insurance agents or those who are existing life insurance agents looking to add IBC to your arsenal. I want to share with you my 3+ year journey now working with IBC Global. To date I have generated over 250k+ in net income. I have learned how to create my own private banking system in my personal household economy to a point where I feel comfortable and confident sharing with others. As you continue to do your research I want to share with you the different options you have the moment you decide to become a life insurance agent and sell high cash value life insurance policies to your client. 


My partner and friend, Steve Parisi, recently released a program, the ILS Training Acadamy. This was created to help agents learn, master, and provide High Cash Value Life Insurance products to their clients.

I have now been an insurance agent for over 3 years and I can...

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My Process On Funding A High Cash Value Policy

I see many of you struggling to wrap your head around cash value life insurance and figuring out how to fund these accounts long term. In this email I wanted to focus on the fundamentals that I personally have in place before I even have a conversation with any insurance agent. These fundamentals help me come to the table prepared when talking to an insurance agent so I can tell him or her exactly what I want. Often times when talking to an agent the conversation is typically around the design of the policy, pros and cons, etc which is very important. At the same time it would be wise for you the client to come prepared and competent when speaking to an agent. Remember most insurance agents are not financial coaches/consultants or advisors so the agents job is to make sure you are insured and fully understand the product you are purchasing. They are not typically going to provide financial coaching to you to make the best decision. I recommend if you have a financial...

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