Tools You Need To Build A Successful Kingdom

Below I have provided you with some resources that can help you grow!

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Download My Free Velocity Banking Spread Sheet

 Easy to understand your 4 major numbers!

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Velocity banking calculator
Debt Elimination Software
Lines of credit Velocity Banking
Acquire A Line of Credit

Strategic Line of credit for Velocity Banking

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Better your Kingdom 

Alex Albarran- Learn How To 10X Your Income & Launch A Profitable 6-Figure Online Consulting Business

Denzel Rodriguez- Financial Software that automates Debt Snowball & Using Debt Tools

ILS Academy- Life Insurance Training for agents and aspiring agents looking to provide High Cash Value Life Insurance.  

SCORE- FREE Small Business Advice/Mentorship 

Written Success- Get A Professional Business Plan Investors Will Love

South Florida General Contracting Company - For your residential & commercial remodeling projects. 

Business Credit 101-  Build your business credit and get funded with Sebastien Boyer

Crowned Financials - Fix your personal Credit fast with Brittany Greene

First Lien HELOC resource

Alexa Carlin - Become A Public Speaker while making a profitable and impactful business you love.

Dr. Eddie Connor - Relationship Academy 

Shanoria Walker - Sanctuary for high value wives and women who want to be one.


Notebook with Calender
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Other Resources

LegalShield- Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Trademark, Credit Monitoring, Identity & Legal Protection 24/7, EIN & Entity Formation, and so much more. 

Ecamm- Better your video/livestreams

ConvertKit- Better your email communication with your leads and clients

Hair & Skincare Products - Invest In Your Beauty here

SIM- Be part of the future

TubeBuddy- Thinking about starting a YouTube Channel you will need this 

Books On Kingdom - Rediscover Kingdom concepts here