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How To Become An Infinite Banking Practicioner

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For those who are interested in becoming life insurance agents or those who are existing life insurance agents looking to add IBC to your arsenal. I want to share with you my 3+ year journey now working with IBC Global. To date I have generated over 250k+ in net income. I have learned how to create my own private banking system in my personal household economy to a point where I feel comfortable and confident sharing with others. As you continue to do your research I want to share with you the different options you have the moment you decide to become a life insurance agent and sell high cash value life insurance policies to your client. 


My partner and friend, Steve Parisi, recently released a program, the ILS Training Acadamy. This was created to help agents learn, master, and provide High Cash Value Life Insurance products to their clients.

I have now been an insurance agent for over 3 years and I can honestly say learning from Steve Parisi has helped me truly understand life insurance and build a multiple 6 figure income in my business. Steve was also certified under the Nelson Nash institute from 2014-2020 which I will mention next. 

For full transparency there are other options as well in the marketplace that I have come across that provide training on the Infinite Banking Concept. The most popular is the Nelson Nash Institute

I encountered with another organization called Your Own Family Bank but I'm not sure if they have a full service for insurance agents. Forgive me I do not have a link to point you to.

My #1 tip for new insurance agents is to look for a mentor/coach with experience that is also transparent. I can't begin to tell you how much of a bad reputation life insurance agents have and what makes it worse is Insurance agents bash each other all day left and right both public on the internet and behind closed doors. My goal in the industry is to become a synergist and restore the image of insurance agents. There is a huge opportunity at hand for insurance agents and if we all got together in sharing knowledge so much more money could be made and we would have a lot more happy paying clients running to us for business. 

If you have any questions before enrolling you can email me here [email protected]

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