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What To Do After Funding A High Cash Value Life Insurance Policy?

You might be wondering what the next steps after starting an IBC policy or aka high cash value life insurance policy.

If so, pay attention to this email!

I share other necessary tools you need to have to ensure your legacy, values, ethics, lifestyle, and all of the above gets passed on properly to the next generation.

Did you know that the average lottery winner goes broke within the first 3-5 years declaring bankruptcy? That is insane! I would rather just stay middle class and build my money rather than having a lot in one shot not knowing what to do with it and lose it all. Not only lose it all, but declare bankruptcy! I don't mean the way Mr. Trump leverages bankruptcy -- I'm talking actually bankruptcy (the bad version) where you don't bounce back.

According to Google, 78% of NFL players go broke, bankrupt, or are under financial stress within 2 years of retirement? Likewise, 60% of NBA players are broke within the first 5 years of leaving the sport?

Why am I sharing this...

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3 Year Infinite Banking Policy Review

It has now been 3 full years of me funding my policies. I thought it would be great to show you the numbers thus far. 

Let's get right into because I know you are busy building those big beautiful Kingdoms.

Policy #1:

Insurance Company: Mass Mutual

  • Funding Amount: $15k per year designed to fund for 31 years total amount $465k with ability to add more funds if I so choose.
  • Base Premium: $1,500
  • MEC Limit: 16,046.01
  • Starting Death Benefit: $809,205.74
  • Current Death Benefit: 879,555.06
  • Policy Design: 90/10 split 90% allocated to cash value 10% to base premium 
  • Starting Cash Value: $19,126 before taking out a loan
  • Current Cash Value 2021: $19,538.29 with loans outstanding 
  • Loans Outstanding: $13,500
  • Loan Interest Rate: 5% Variable

Policy #2:

Insurance Company: Guardian

  • Funding Amount: $70k per year designed to fund for 7 years total $490k with ability to add more funds if I so choose. 
  • Base Premium: $7k
  • MEC Limit: 81k
  • Death Benefit: $4M
  • Policy Design:...
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