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3 Year Infinite Banking Policy Review

It has now been 3 full years of me funding my policies. I thought it would be great to show you the numbers thus far. 

Let's get right into because I know you are busy building those big beautiful Kingdoms.

Policy #1:

Insurance Company: Mass Mutual

  • Funding Amount: $15k per year designed to fund for 31 years total amount $465k with ability to add more funds if I so choose.
  • Base Premium: $1,500
  • MEC Limit: 16,046.01
  • Starting Death Benefit: $809,205.74
  • Current Death Benefit: 879,555.06
  • Policy Design: 90/10 split 90% allocated to cash value 10% to base premium 
  • Starting Cash Value: $19,126 before taking out a loan
  • Current Cash Value 2021: $19,538.29 with loans outstanding 
  • Loans Outstanding: $13,500
  • Loan Interest Rate: 5% Variable

Policy #2:

Insurance Company: Guardian

  • Funding Amount: $70k per year designed to fund for 7 years total $490k with ability to add more funds if I so choose. 
  • Base Premium: $7k
  • MEC Limit: 81k
  • Death Benefit: $4M
  • Policy Design: 90/10 split 90% allocated to cash value 10% to base premium 
  • Starting Cash Value: $60,473
  • Current Cash Value 2021: $201k 
  • Loans Outstanding: $73,150

I can honestly say I am very pleased and happy with the company, agency, and design I went with. I know there are so many different ways to design these policies it that you can easily find yourself running down a rabbit hole. To be fully transparent, I am no expert by any means I read the same books you are reading and I am watching/listening to the same gurus/experts that are watching too. 

I have clients with: 

  • Traditional Whole Life policies
  • Indexed Universal Life Policies
  • Whole Life policies with split designs anywhere from 90/10-60/40 and every now and then I see some 50/50 splits which are least favorable in my own opinion.

At the end of the day, whichever decision you end up making with life insurance I want you to be fully educated and confident in your decision. 

I also want you to know that when it comes to personal finance I am willing to seek truth in all of it. I am willing to be absolutely wrong to get to the truth and sometimes that is what it takes. I know I am young, only 25, and I have been wrong about a lot of things but this thing about high cash value life insurance is something I cannot ignore and be quiet about. Some of the most credible people out there disagree with this concept and go as far as saying that infinite banking is a scam. I still honor and respect these people and humbly disagree. In this type of situation it seems the only way to know for sure is to run the numbers myself and play it out with my own money. No examples only real case studies and then come to a final conclusion of fact or fiction. 

So this email marks 3 years of me practicing this concept with real money and I will report back every year moving forward with you all and if the numbers match the illustrations then we have solid case study on our hands for future reference. 

If you have already crossed that bridge and you are ready financially to start your own cash value policy please click the link below to be directed to the agency I used to design my own policies and future policies to come.

Start your Cash Value Policy Today!

God Bless & talk soon,




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