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Pay Attention To Your Cashflow

cashflow Dec 21, 2021

It is very difficult to operate effectively in this world without positive consistent cashflow. I want to share with you that it truly does not matter how much money you make it matter's what you keep at the end of each month. I have a personal testimony and confession. My testimony is in the last 3 years I went from a 35k a year salary to zero and then to multiple 6 figures tapping into my purpose in the Kingdom and delivering that value in the marketplace. I am a few thousand dollars away from generating 1 million in total revenue from my business and investments.

Now with that being said I noticed I was being a little loose with my cashflow 💸 and I needed to do a review of my finances to redirect cashflow and remove the waste. In about 30 days or less I took the time to cancel subscriptions, stop paying for certain things I was no longer receiving value and cancelling different services in my business.

I encourage you at least 2-4 times a year to do a healthy review of your finances and I am sure you will find money that you are simply wasting. It is also likely to occur when you increase your income dramatically in a short period of time.

Here is a list of expenses that I cut off recently that increased my cashflow thousands of dollars per year moving forward.

-Business checking account switching to online statements $2 savings per month

-SEO Marketing service $159 savings per month

-Business Amazon Prime $179 annual savings

-Audible $7.95 savings per month

-Youtube Premium I was paying for the same subscription twice crazy right $15.99 savings per month

-Financial Program/Course $1,997 Annual savings

-LinkedIn Service $1,497 savings per month

-Shopify Service $9.99 savings per month

-Online Course $50 savings per month

-Mens Product Subscription $16 savings per month

That is a grand total of $23,271.16 in savings just on wasteful spending. That is 23k I can now go invest in my business with, or buy more crypto, more stocks, max fund my policies, give to the church, help family/friends, and so much more. Do not fall sleep on your finances. Take it from a finance geek look at how much money I was leaving on the table. I got too comfortable because I was making so much money I forget one of the fundamentals rules I always say which is what???

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS Lord have mercy how many times do I say it to you in the videos yet I'm not following it myself. You know what happens when you do this Kingdom's fall, organizations slip, markets crash, budgets get maxed out, relationships fall apart, reputation slips, and loss of trust.

Do not let this happen to you learn from my mistake and become better. I hope this email brought value to you God bless and have a wonderful day.


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