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Do This Before You Join Network Marketing

My goal is to breakdown how I evaluate network marketing companies to increase my odds of success in a business opportunity.


#1 I look at how many years they have been in business. I prefer long standing companies for me it provides a sense of security. So this is a pure opinion standpoint you do not have to follow it. I would say any company that has about 15 years or longer would qualify. Keep reading because there is more that goes into this other than time in business.


#2 I look at the opportunity and the timing based on the current environment I am in. Timing in business is critical. Think of supply and demand when investing in stocks or real estate. If you are a buyer it is nice to buy when there is low demand. If you are a seller it is nice to sell when there is high demand. In network marketing I look at the products and services that are over saturated vs products and services that are underrated in the marketplace.


#3 I look at the compensation plan...

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