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Tips To Organize Your Emails

email organization Jan 04, 2022

Do you get a hundred emails a day like I do? Does it take you 15 minutes to find an email you got a week ago? Is it overwhelming sometimes to keep up with your emails and have 50k unread emails like I do?

This was a major issue in my business due to the many thousands of people that have my email address. When I started my business I didn't realize what I was getting into until I noticed the tens of thousands of unread emails in my account I knew I had to pay attention to this because it became a money problem.

I was leaving a ton of money on the table in my emails by not responding to people that wanted to join my program and they had a simple question before signing up. I was also missing business invoices and personal bills that I was actually late sometimes due to the mass quantity of emails flooding my inbox.

I am being vulnerable and honest right now as I tell you this.

Yes the Finance Geek was not paying some of his bills on time and paying people late because I was not...

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