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How To Build Business Credit

Building Business credit is no walk in the park. 🚢‍♂️

There are so many steps to building business credit properly that most people end up quitting early or worse yet, they build their credit incorrectly. What ends up happening is when they need funding they either do not get approved or they do not get what they wanted in terms of the funding amount and interest rate. I thank God every day that he places Kingdom Citizens in my life that operate effectively and are great teachers.

My friend has been helping me establish my business credit from scratch and I wanted to provide you my results as of 2021:

  - 2500 credit limit

 - 17k credit limit

 - 8k credit limit

 - 12,500 credit limit

 - 20k credit limit

Before you go out applying for a bunch of credit cards without a plan it is important to establish your business credibility. This important KEY πŸ”‘is something a lot of business owners forget.

Below is a list of items I have in order that you probably didn't even think you need or creditors/lenders look at to approve loans and lines of credit:

  • My business address is a physical address not my personal residence
  • My business address matches with all accounts
  • 411 listing
  • Registered With Secretary Of State
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business email matches company name
  • Business name is located clearly on my website
  • Business is listed on google
  • Have an account with Duns & Bradstreet
  • Have an account with Nav Monitoring
  • Trademarked
  • Business Plan
  • Business Bank Account
  • Business Licenses & Permits
  • EIN & Entity Formation


And there is more, I barely scratched the surface here. All of this is just the foundation of building business credibility. As of 2020, I have all of this done above and I am now in my first of 3 rounds of funding.

It is important as a King and or Queen that you know this information so you can operate effectively in your country. I don't know what stage you are at in your personal or business finances, but when you reach that point that you are ready to embark on the journey of building business credit, do not do it alone. Reach out to my friend and he will help you.

I am blessed to have completed all of these tasks at an early age which is why I encourage you to do the same but remember do not overload yourself with too much information. If you are already working on something such as your personal credit stick with it or your building out your high cash value life insurance policy stick with it. Only add on what you can manage or else you will find yourself burning out. To be fully transparent, everything I mentioned above took me about 1 year and 6 months to fully complete. Could I have gone faster? Sure! But it was not my main focus at the time. My focus was 10X, pay off my debt, improve my personal credit, establish my IBC policies, and then build business credit.

Everything is a process -- don't rush, stay focused, be positive, and keep building your Kingdom. πŸ‘‘

God Bless & talk soon,

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