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Do I Need Life Insurance?

I hope you're enjoying your morning, afternoon, or evening, and you decide to hang out with me to learn more about a topic that most of us associate with less than pleasant issues, Life Insurance.

I choose to use life insurance; differently, I think life insurance can be used for wealth creation - as an asset tool. The goal of people like me is to minimize - minimize your premiums, which means the cost of insurance, and maximize cash value growth. If you want to know more about how life insurance works and what questions to ask when thinking about buying life insurance watch "What to Know About Life Insurance".


Now if you're here to get tips from The Finance Geek - here they are. I believe that to be able to coach you guys, I have to be using these methods on my finances, so I have an update on my journey and how I landed on my numbers. I've been working on this plan for myself for six months, and while I regularly update the YouTube crew on how...

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Protecting Your Kingdom

The third step in our Kingdom Series to establish our Kingdom Authority here on Earth is to protect our Kingdom. Some of the items I’m going to list are things people ignore until the last minute. So, I have a list of things you need to have to protect your Kingdom – no matter how old you are, or how many family members you have:

  • Living Will

  • After Death Trust

  • Life Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Medical Power of Attorney

I am 23 years old, and I have a life insurance policy, I am establishing a will and trust. Next, I’m looking into estate planning services - which should lay the groundwork for the powers of attorney. So how do you do all these things? How do you really put all of this together? 

I want to explain to you the first 3 steps I’m taking to ensure I leave a Legacy for the people in my life.

  1. Right now, I am working on building a team, running your business by yourself gets overwhelming quickly. Many of...

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