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Developing a Gratitude Mindset

I went to a training this spring where we really focused on the concept of the gratitude mindset. This really flipped my views on what my next steps in my business would be, so I wanted to share the most significant pieces of gratitude mindset and how you can apply gratitude mindset to your life, every day. 

What is Gratitude Mindset, you say? Well, it's the action of seeing the upsides instead of the downsides to the situations around us. Or if you like metaphors, we will be working to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Many people look at their circumstances and see that they don't have enough money to achieve their dreams, or their partner may not be living up to the expectations we have set, maybe you think after a while that your home isn't nice enough or your car isn't new enough. We don't usually stop to consider what a blessing it is that we even have money in the bank, a job, partner, and roof over our heads.

It's become commonplace, and even comedy to...

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5 Small Changes That Will Improve Your Life

Recently I have started talking about mindset shifts here on the blog - while this topic is always sprinkled into my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram content I'd like to dedicate a moment to further discussing ways to improve your life and your Kingdom once you understand Velocity Banking and have your finances in order. 

 We all know that maintaining a firm understanding of your finances removes many stressors from the average person's life - many people who have all of that under control still don't have their Kingdom in order. So, let's talk about 5 things you can work on every day that will help put your Kingdom in order:

  1. Find Your Rhythm: As entrepreneurs and business owners, many of us forget where the lines of our work and home lives begin and end. Set clear boundaries for yourself and the people you love so that there is a clear understanding of when work begins and ends - there are exceptions to this rule (it's also good to have guidelines for what those...

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