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Developing a Gratitude Mindset

I went to a training this spring where we really focused on the concept of the gratitude mindset. This really flipped my views on what my next steps in my business would be, so I wanted to share the most significant pieces of gratitude mindset and how you can apply gratitude mindset to your life, every day. 

What is Gratitude Mindset, you say? Well, it's the action of seeing the upsides instead of the downsides to the situations around us. Or if you like metaphors, we will be working to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Many people look at their circumstances and see that they don't have enough money to achieve their dreams, or their partner may not be living up to the expectations we have set, maybe you think after a while that your home isn't nice enough or your car isn't new enough. We don't usually stop to consider what a blessing it is that we even have money in the bank, a job, partner, and roof over our heads.

It's become commonplace, and even comedy to complain about your kids or rant about how you got cut off in traffic without taking a second to think about people who can't have kids or the lady who waved you in a couple of cars down the line. 

Plenty of people are optimistic, but not everyone has a grateful mindset. Luckily this becoming grateful is something you can practice and eventually make a habit by practicing appreciation daily. When you practice gratitude daily, your life will change for the better.

One thing that people can confuse with having a gratitude mindset is settling. In no way am I saying you should be okay with not getting the attention or affection you need, or that your kids can disrespect you and you should be grateful you have them. 

Once you start practicing Gratitude mindset, you will begin to notice things you were just putting up with don't want in your life any longer vs. the things you were looking at through a negative lense.

Three Ways to Develop a Gratitude Mindset

One way to start developing a gratitude mindset is by doing the three things below every day. If you can do one of these every day to start that is a huge step and you will start to notice a shift in your attitude.

  1. Focus on gratitude when you wake up and when you go to sleep 

  2. Start a gratitude journal - One tool to help with this that I have heard good things about is the 5 Minute Journal - this comes in both hard copy and an app for those who prefer either method of journaling

  3. Express your gratitude. Tell someone you are grateful for them  - every single day. Quickly explain what it is you appreciate them for, and why it's important to you.

The more you think about and express your gratitude every day, the more grateful you will feel regularly. When your mindset shifts, so will your life. And from that place of gratitude, you choose to make changes.

Your grateful attitude will generate a different type of energy. Your gratitude draws to you what you want. You will develop the ability to focus on what you want without feeling poorly about not having it. That's how you manifest your desires.


God Bless,



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