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Creating Passive Income for Your Kingdom

Now that we have taken on creating Activity Income for your business, it's time to talk about Passive Income and the dream of "making money in your sleep" you hear so many entrepreneurs talking about.

Learning how to create Passive Income is the key to running a sustainable business. The goal is to have your Passive Income equal more than your Activity Income - when you get to that point, that is the true definition of financial freedom.

In the realm of Velocity Banking, your Passive Income is saving and investing. So when I refer to saving, I am mean establishing a tax-free asset. When I save money, I intend not to risk that money - the sole intention is to have an emergency backup. When I refer to investing your money, I mean literally putting your money to work for you - you don't have to do anything with it, and it is "making" more of itself.

So if I'm saving money, I cannot put that money at risk. I need to have that money stored somewhere safe where it'll grow - minimize or...

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