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To have a prosperous Kingdom, you need to have the right tools. We need tools to help us build, maintain, and grow our Kingdom. I'm going to show you the tools that I currently have, and then the tools that I'm looking to acquire as my business and Kingdom grow. This is part four in our Establishing Your Kingdom series, and it's been wonderful seeing the action people in the community have taken over the last month.

To start, you must know your finances. You need to know where every dollar goes. "How do I know where every dollar goes?" You look at your accounts. Open up your financial statement, check your balances, check your bank accounts, look. Make sure we know our 4 major numbers:

  • Income

  • Expenses

  • Debt

  • Cash Flow

Now, I'll hop off my soapbox and get into my list of tools I continue to use for my business that will help you and your business stay organized and move forward no matter where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur, startup business owner, mompreneur, or freelancer.

  • Website and Business Email - If you're going to start a business, you need to have a website, maybe it just hosts an about me page and contact info right now. That is a fine start - you need to have that real estate on the internet by having a website. As your business grows the offerings on your website will grow too.

  • Booking and Scheduling Tool - Calendly is a great tool for booking appointments with clients and scheduling time. Calendly makes life easy for business professionals by eliminating email and phone tag for scheduling meetings and appointments. Plans range from their Basic - Free plan to their Pro plan, which is $12 per user per month. 

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) software - tools like this help you keep up with everyone, especially when you have a lot of clients and prospects. It can be hard to remember everyone's name, phone number, email address, what they do, their line of work, etc. CRMs also help you keep track of important dates - maybe you like to send a client gift on birthdays or anniversaries, with a CRM you can create a task called Client Birthday and set it to remind you of important tasks like shopping and shipping before the date arrives.  It's nice to have a system that you select someone's name and... boom, everything is right there, all the work you've done with them so far, the progress you've made, important dates, facts - absolutely everything you decide to catalog. CRMs can be in tiered pricing like Calendly or may have more complicated pricing based on use. Do some research among people in your industry, and you can find the right CRM for you and your business.

  • Zapier is a tool that integrates with everything you have. So, if you've got leads coming from your website, leads coming from Facebook, from Instagram, from YouTube, from an email list, this service right here takes all of that and zaps it into your CRM.

  • Legal protection and identity theft protection - I have a service called Legal Shield. I've been a client for two years, and they have been great at protecting my reputation, my accounts, and now business - Click Here for more information.

  • Credit Monitoring - Lots of people who are starting a business or starting Velocity Banking want to improve their credit and Experian or CreditCheck Total can help you monitor everything and keep an eye on your score

  • Business Cards - I love the idea of business cards - it's so convenient having all of your information in one place for a potential client. But those little pieces of paper get lost so I decided to start using vCard Global. It's like your online business card. Instead of handing business cards to people, you have them text your "code" to a phone number, and they receive my whole business card, it would have with my name, number, website, all my products, and services. They can buy right from their phone, so, it's valuable for business owners, and entrepreneurs and the pricing model is, $69 per year.

  • Tube Buddy - This is your new best friend on YouTube. TubeBuddy is a browser plugin that helps YouTube creators save time and grow their channels through innovative tools like keyword research, comment filters, and more.

I'm sure you have a couple questions for me, like " How do I manage all of this?" or "How do I afford all of this?" - Well, that's where Velocity Banking comes in and can help jumpstart your business efforts.

Check out the video below to learn how managing the costs of a business can work with Velocity Banking.


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