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Funding Your Kingdom

We've been going over some vital lessons on how to establish your Kingdom, how to protect it, how to create activity income, passive income, and most recently acquiring tools for your Kingdom. Now, we're going to start stepping into funding your Kingdom using the Velocity Banking concept to your advantage.

Even after you're completely debt-free, you can continue to utilize Velocity Banking strategies to maximize your business productivity. Velocity Banking's primary use is actually to make money and invest money. That's what real estate investors and business owners are doing with their funds when they practice Velocity Banking. 

 I want to give you an example of how I fund my own Kingdom, so I can be a cheerful giver and help people while building my business -with cash flow, great credit, and the bonus of feeling secure in my finances.

Watch the video below for a look at the numbers:


Like I mentioned in the video above - the end goal is to get to a point where you have a tax free asset so that you are able to leverage other people's money - and leverage your own bank. But while you're building the financial aspect of your Kingdom, you can find other ways support your Kingdom.

How else can I fund my Kingdom you ask? You can fund your Kingdom by growing your network, and by growing your network you start to support it with human capital. Human capital is a term we have been hearing a lot in the news lately as everyday work becomes more automated. With large companies automating their services, small businesses can capitalize on how much people actually want to interact with other people.  Take a minute to think about the people in your network, and what you can learn from them, and apply to your own Kingdom.

 If you're a Life Coach who helps people find direction during hard times, and you come across someone whose hard time is that they are in immense debt. I want you to take everything that I give you and apply it to your Kingdom's teachings. Your Kingdom is now that much more valuable than mine, since I don't do the kind of coaching you do, but you started taking the principles I teach and apply them for your clients. 

If you're looking for resources and some of the people I built my Kingdom with here is my Resources Page and here is a link to the Kingdom Principles playlist on my YouTube Channel.


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