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1-1 Custom Service

[ 1-1 Support based on what you need when you need it]

12 1HR 1-1 Sessions with Denzel Rodriguez that do not expire. [$3,300] Value

1 Year access to the Velocity Banking Manifesto Course. [$600] Value


This is a promise that I will help you until you are completely debt free. Should you decide to go back into debt for investment purposes that is your choice. When we first start working together we will write down the total amount of debt you owe and I vow to help you pay that exact number off in full during our time together.

Primary focus in our sessions is helping you either eliminate debt, become debt free, or leverage debt to invest

Become a better steward of your financial resources

Helping you Master Velocity Banking & Infinite Banking

Maximize Cashflow & Efficiency 

Strategize a passive income plan for long term wealth

Strategize a wealth protection plan and legacy for your family.

After the 12 sessions are completed you will receive one complimentary phone call once per year for the next 7 years free of charge. [$1,925] Value

Should you decide to invest further with me or my partners/resources we can customize continued service from me free of charge to ensure your long term success. 

Total Costs of Program ($5,825) You Save $3,075 today when you enroll.

[ All sales are final no refunds ]

Disclaimers: I do not sell any financial investments, I do not provide Financial Advice, I am not a licensed financial advisor, I do not hold any securities license, I do not manage any financial investments you make. 

What People Are Saying:

I love Denzel’s financial content. I’ve learned so much about how to quickly payoff your mortgage and other debts. I also love his takes on building a kingdom and increasing cash flow for your family and or business.

Bill Parlaman

Denzel is a God send angel on my path! I ran into Denzel’s YouTube posting a while back like a little more than six months now. I was intrigued by velocity banking strategy in YouTube and was following this young girl don’t even know her name. Then popped Denzel with velocity banking and kingdom strategies which made more sense! He did not stop there but gave more by providing the steps in you tube for free and no pressure strategies! So it is more affordable for everyone who wants to eradicate debt and build a free debt future! I sign up with his manifesto program just recently I have had 1-1 phone call with him to see where I am and what I should do! It was very valuable experience to me! I first was like, I can watch his videos and do it myself! Nope wrong idea! Denzel is very resourceful, and knowledgeable talking to him helped me from falling off the path of successfully implementing the strategies! I highly recommend him. His resources are more worth than what you pay him for! He is a giver and he goes by his word! God bless and give you more Denzel.giving him 4 stars coz there is room for improvement!

Esther Kosgei

I have been watching Denzel’s videos and lessons and have enjoyed learning how to practice Velocity Banking. He gives off genuine energy, meaningful life examples, and a thoughtful and spiritual approach to the community at large. I look forward to working with him and helping his mission.

Margarete Rougier

The information I have Received from Denzel has helped me to take better control of my own personal finances as well as to Help others Take control of their financial future. Denzel has a wealth of knowledge.

James Tatum

Denzel is an incredible young man armed with a wealth of financial knowledge, aimed at helping as many families as possible achieve their financial goals. He has helped me with his courses, videos, and 1:1's regarding Velocity Banking, Debt Reduction Strategies, Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, and so much more. Denzel delivers personalized strategies for each of his clients. He also has a YouTube channel where he provides a ton of free content to people who are just starting out and need some direction. I highly recommend Denzel Rodriguez!

Nicholas Gonzales

I have followed Denzel since early 2022, consulted with him 1 in 1, Powhatan his course and received sound financial advice that actually works. He has given more value than what he asks for in return. He has integrity of character and you will be better off in many ways after coming into partnership with him. Contact me if you have any doubts, there are many self proclaimed gurus that try to take advantage of people, this is NOT the case here. Denzel is wise and is willing to build trust over time with people, which I appreciate.

Shannon Shaffer